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We focus on providing solutions,
so you can focus on what’s possible.

We have honed our best practices with more than a decade of hands-on experience. Our goal is to provide expert guidance, creative problem solving, and measurable results so you get more back than just bandwidth. 
What we do

At Slate Group, our singular focus is helping teams get the most out of their budgets. We take financial management off your plate and help you find new ways to create value.


Who we do it for

Our clients include large enterprises, nonprofits, and everything between. Our approach is all about tailoring our solutions to the financial and operational goals of your business.

 Why Slate Group

We are problem solvers that work tirelessly to move the trajectory of our clients’ business forward. For us, it's all about service, smarts, talent and heart.

Overnight, a casually-mentioned vision becomes an executed and operationalized deliverable. Thank you, Slate Group, for being an invaluable team member and a key contributor to Microsoft’s success.


Account Based Marketing Programs and Engagement Lead, Microsoft

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