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Our Services

Dedicated Budgeting & Financial Support

We serve as a translator between you and corporate finance—providing senior-level financial guidance, anticipating challenges and offering solutions—so you can focus your time and your bandwidth on the work that matters.

How we add value
  • Creating budget and reporting tools that allow you to maximize your resources

  • Providing user-friendly financial detail, with useful insights, so you can make informed business decisions

  • Freeing up additional time and energy that you and your team can utilize in other areas of the business

  • Delivering meaningful business intelligence: relevant data integrated into an intuitive dashboard, so you can track programs and measure ROI

End-to-End Budget Management

If it's budget related, we’ve got you covered. If you need assistance with one or all of the items below, we have your back.

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Budget Operations Management

We have expertise in all daily aspects of managing your team’s budget, including reclasses, journal entries, accruals, and general budget hygiene.  

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We have years of experience writing Statements of Work (SOWs) and Purchase Orders (POs). In addition to managing your Procurement needs, we can also help keep your team compliant with Corp rules and regulations.

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Planning, Forecasting & Strategy

Our consultants have the chops to provide you with forward-looking, executive-level advice. We pride ourselves in knowing our clients and presenting data in a digestible format so that you have what you need to make sound business decisions.

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Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics

Our consultants are skilled in creating customized reports to provide you with the knowledge you need to make smart business decisions and sustainable plans for the future.

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Complex & Interdependent Projects

Ever had the need to solve a complicated budget/finance related problem you just can’t quite figure out? Our consultants thrive on putting the pieces of the puzzle together to find the answers you need.

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Standardized Budget Reporting

It is our belief that budgets should not be managed in silos, on the back of napkins, nor via random spreadsheets. Let us help you develop the standardized reports and processes your team needs to be budgeting superheroes.

Our Services

Experienced Event & Project Management 


We serve as a key contributor to your team —providing senior-level marketing, event and project guidance, anticipating challenges and offering solutions—managing both your “bigger picture” in addition to all the logistical details.  

How we add value
  • Providing original ideas, strategic partnerships, and tailored solutions to maximize the impact of your event and attendee engagement 

  • Creating budget and reporting tools that allow you to track and fully utilize your investment  

  • Developing repeatable best practices, standardized communications and operational efficiencies  

  • Designing sponsor engagement opportunities that clearly map to your partner’s marketing objectives while creating new ways to generate revenue for your event

Event & Project Management

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Event Strategy 

The complexities of organizing a diverse event can feel overwhelming. We’ll be an integral member of your team to help you navigate and develop your event goals, objectives and target audience to see your event strategy actualized.​ 

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Sponsorship Sales & Management 

Sponsor & Partner engagement is a vital component of the event experience. We seamlessly collaborate with your marketing and partner teams to ensure impeccable delivery, your revenue targets are met, and each sponsor is completely satisfied with their investment.  

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Budget Management 

A successful event requires concise financial planning. We leverage our years of expertise to manage your complex budget needs, planning, vendor contracting, key milestones and make calculated recommendations as needed.  

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Social & Community Management 

Connection is key. Whether it is through social channels or meaningful in-person connections, we can create the opportunity and environment for engagement and grow your target audience.  

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Event Logistics 

Our team can manage every aspect of your event, no matter how big or small. We’ll focus on every detail that will impact your attendee experience as well as provide best practices to ensure your operations run smoothly and cost effectively. 

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Our dedicated team of Project Managers are proactive and leaders in their field. We recognize the pivotal role of communication. We ask critical questions, offer solution-oriented responses, and consistently keep our clients informed about progress and any potential obstacles. 

Slate Group consultants helped our team establish much-needed budget processes and discipline. With their help we were able to much more effectively manage our marketing spend.​


Business Manager

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